I’d like to reiterate on an old post I made a while back.
“Be grateful for those who are there when needed, for those who listened in the moment!!”

If someone around you is distant you are right in asking questions, why, how come, what’s wrong ? Because if you don’t, this person will proceed in treating you in a way you don’t deserve to be treated!! If somethings wrong hopefully they will be truthful in their answer and tell you, explain to you. If not then let the person work it out for themselves but if it still persists, get out of it. It’s not right, if it’s hurting it’ll get worst. If its causing problems they will get bigger, arguments will become daily routine and you will have lost yourself in a state of hatred towards yourself for allowing a situation to escalate and break you down so much.

So once again let me reiterate!!
“Be grateful for those who are there when needed, for those who listened in the moment!!”


Follow the path but be open to change….

Man learns through experience that the path he chose is full of different kinds of experiences. He will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and they are the very experiences he needs to encourage himself to stride forward. Follow the dream!!

Man will be put off course from time to time or at least that’s how it would seem but that is not how it is. If that thing that has put you off course is something of meaning i.e. a person that has come into your life then dont see it as being put off course for you are still on the same path, only now you have company.

Karma provides the best retribution

Jaysus aint wrote anything on this for a while…

Didn’t really need to I suppose as I stated at the beginning its purely for ne, myself and I and occasional some reviews!

Oscar Wilde said “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” and whilst being down in the gutter your gonna get hit with shit every now and then but if you just keep looking at the stars it doesn’t matter.

Steve Wall also said “There’s no looking back, whats done is done. I’ll make my own way back to that shinning sun”

So if your in the right during the shit that comes along, Karmas gonna look after ya!! And it provides the sweetest retribution.. Just gotta let it play itself out.

Foreign Film, tops the list!!

From a person who once despised having to read the subtitles on a foreign film I have now come to place one at the top of my all time favorite films list!! I don’t know whether its because I’ve hit the age of understanding or just because the love for music opened film up to me in the same way but im grateful for it, because I wouldn’t have even thought about watching this film otherwise!!

The film is “Hors La Loi” in english meaning “Outside The Law” written and directed by French/Algerian film director Rachid Bouchareb. The story takes place between 1945 – 1962 and focuses on the lives of 3 Algerian brothers in France (Said, Messaoud and Abdelkader) set to the backdrop of the Algerian independence movement and the Algerian War. A historically unorthodox portrayal of the events that took place in the Sétif massacre(1945) which sparked political controversy in France. Then following on to the mass immigration of the Algerian people to France, some recruited into the “Harkis”.

The Harkis was the name giving to the African and Arab soldiers who fought for France during World War 2, some willingly and some just had no choice. The film touches on many things, the darker side includes prostitution, gorilla warfare tactics and gun trafficking to name a few.

This is not a review, its just a little info on what the film is based around!!
While depicting serious moments in history the film is also full of action, drama, and most of all inspiration!!

The acting quality is outstanding and the general flow of the film is flawless!!

This film is by far my favorite factual based film, topping the previous “Che” which now sits at number 2!!


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Cfit – Triage (Album Review)

Like most bands these guys started off in bedrooms, homemade studios, the occasional brothel!! Last ones a joke but how brilliant would that be hah…

“It started off as a side project” to quote Noel Duplaa (Cfit)

A side project that has gone on to stand on its own recognition as a result of the bands first ever gig being at Electric Picnic in 2010 as a three piece. But back to present day!! Present day has seen them double from a 3 piece to a 6 piece, adding more dynamics to the sound. One of the great things about youtube is that it shows progression of artists and it is certainly evident with this band. They are progressing, steadly on to an even bigger road of progression because as most of you know!

A person is always learning, in this case a band! Its what keeps the sound fresh and the ideas new. Trying to make each one a timeless piece of art in the form of words and melody… An extremely hard thing to accomplish as a musician but I say that if your music inspires to do good, to create creativity and to make others follow dreams then your jobs done!! Your in their hearts forever! You might not be on the radio but lets face it most radio stations play absolute shite!

Breakdown>>> Opener “Great Pressure” reminisces of ELO (Electric Light Orchestra). While also making you think ET is gonna appear looking for Elliot!!(If you were a kid in the 90’s with a tv then you’ll understand when you hear it) But its sorta cool, it works! Going from anthemesc highs to acoustic guitar and nice harmony lows! Its a song that needs two listens in order to fully take it in but you’ll be thankful for the repeat afterwards…

“Don’t Sweat The Small Shit” enjoyed this song from the moment it started right till it finished!! There’s moments when two vocals meet(male and female) and it just works, splendidly!! This is one of those songs.. Also one of my favorite off the album.

“The Static” festival music, Rock’n’Roll festival music to be precise!! Pint in hand and girls all around with this song playing, good times!! Festivals anyone ?

“Base Isolation” Influentially imaginative, effortless changing of pace!! Reminded me of one of my favorite bands “Muse” in the heavier parts. An extremely well crafted song…

“Throw The Babies To The Wolves” despite its title the song is very subtle with just enough release.

“Plausible Deniability” stay safe you little psycho, a line featured on the track which shockingly I can relate too hah

Tracks also featured on this album include “Sideways, Chemical Memory, Dig Up and Don’t Sweat The Smaller Shit(the sister of Don’t Sweat The Small Shit if that has’nt come to you before you read the end of this)

This album is full of exactly what an album needs to be full of… good songs!!

Well worth taking the time out of your day to let your ears have a little taste of what your regions down below do from time to time.. you know what I mean!! Eargasms!!

16th June 2012 see’s the release of a double A side single from the guys being released in The Grand Social, Dublin on the same day!! Or alternatively get the whole album on line at


“On Waves” Debut E.P by Junah

There’s no doubt about it, Junah are one of my favorite Irish bands at the moment and have been for a while now and to add to that they are genuinely nice and down to earth guys. Last week I received a digital copy of their Debut E.P. “On Waves” before release so that they could get some feed back from me and i’ve gotta be honest, to be asked alone was a privilege!! But the sweetest part of it all was getting to be one of the select few that got to hear this gem of an E.P first.

Once again the lads stood by the most important rule they set themselves as a band and thats to be the best musicians they can be and to do the best for the song!!! (Take notes)

The Debut has a collection of 4 tracks..

“Sad Song” is sorta like emotion looking in on itself and seeing that its sad and needs some sort of way to vent its feeling of sadness so it decides to do it in harmonious splendor and lyrical beauty, decorated in a cold summer morning when you woke up at dawn and seen the sunrise. Sad Song also features in our music tab above!!

“Burning In The Hallway” is graciously elegant with its drumbeats and percussion unleashing just enough ummph towards the later half of the song. Smoothly played out on bass and soaring with brilliant electric guitars surrounding its acoustic counter part…

“Feel Safe” flawlessly flows through itself and leaves itself on a high.

“Walk Me Into The Ground” a song of mourning in some ways but a song of reflection at the same time. There’s a movie out their somewhere either made or waiting to be made that this song should certainly be the soundtrack for..

Just on a last note, if your like your music meaningful like me and more for your money I highly recommend picking up a copy of their Debut E.P “On Waves” either at its launch in The Grand Social on the 14th April 2012 (€5 admission which includes a free copy of the E.P) or through their website:


Where We Started Out – The Aluskas (Single Review)

Dublin trio The Aluskas released their second single ‘Where We Started Out’ on March 26th 2012 through Independent Label Cobweb Recordings. The band previously released their debut single ‘Backwater Woods’ in January to critical acclaim. But while ‘Backwater Woods’ was a gritty slice of rock ‘n’ roll, ‘Where We Started Out’ points another direction entirely.

The Aluskas spent the best part of 2011 playing shows and recording their debut album DRAW! at AP Studios with esteemed Engineer Antimo Kelly Puca. Both ‘Backwater Woods’ and ‘Where We Started Out’ will be part of the album which will hopefully be released in May / June this year. In the spirit of the Independent music scene, The Aluskas manage all aspects of their creative output, from producing & promoting their own records to directing and shooting their own music videos.

The band has plans to tour the record in the coming months and have a number of summer shows lined up as well. The ‘Where We Started Out’ single will be available as a digital download through iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Napster etc. and also through The Aluskas Official Online Store ( from March 26th 2012 as a limited edition free download.

^^ Right so that’s what they want you to know but what you need to know first off is that these guys should be giving a round of applause for being totally dedicated to their music and for putting the work in.

Breakdown >>> This single is between the lines of being homemade and sorta patched together. Starting off nicely with piano and some broken harmonies added which surprisingly work well for some reason. 20 seconds in and the song starts to move away from that nice start with the adding of bad electric guitar tones and a continuation of off putting harmonies. The song as a whole does’nt really move or speak to me, its sorta like that aunty you have that just rambles on but you listen anyway!!

Leaving that a side though there is some good lyrics in this song mainly in the form of its chorus!! The best way for me to put what I think is the following:
“this single is an unfinished product that should have been giving more time to blossom!!”

I found the singles B-side “strawberry jam” much more appealing to my ears and would have worked better as an A-side with a higher class of production being involved!!

There’s a fine line between over producing and under producing a song, the key is to get it inbetween those 2 lines and these guys sorta slipped under with this single…


Pretty cool video I think though, let them know what you think and comment!!!


Is what you say relevant enough to be heard and if so then is that what you say heard ? Is it passed on to the mainframe inside the persons system of intelligence that allows them to take on board that which is being transmitted to them ? Test it, speak, see if them eyes fade off into far off places. Right in front of you but yet no where near you, distant!!

Watch a still expression appear, delicate but false as it would lead you to believe that they are there in the moment whilst they are really unveiling you to see the clothing of your soul. Or they may be off pretending to be their childhood super hero again. Where ever it may be, must be a hell of alot more interesting than with you…

Take it as an opportunity to find either a true friend or a ca-less person who should not be given anymore of your time as it is so little and so precious!! Spend time on the listeners, the people in the now for its they who care and will help if you so happen to need it. Mans most sought after element is time, time to spend with those who matter!! Those who matter are those who are present when you are in their presence….

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul”.
Henry Ward Beecher

Be grateful for those who are there when needed, for those who listened in the moment!!

Revolutions Cry

These scenes that regularly happened at the arab uprising were recently brought to my attention which just added to the universal sadness of unjust actions!! Cowardly actions of men that can be only classed as scum!! Its been a year and a few months now but scenes like this still happen to men, women and children who’s crime is marching for freedom…

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
John F. Kennedy

“Disobedience in the eyes of anyone who has read history is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.”
Oscar Wilde

Disobedience has its price mister Wilde…

I hope to god these scumbags get what they deserve returned to them in the form of karma and an after-life in hell!! No innocent man or woman should be treated this way, its discusting!! I suppose this write up is my way of making that poor womans brutal beaten not go unheard, to try create a wave were one may not have been before… To echo the Revolutions Cry!!!


Welcome To The Department Of Nuclear Medicine

Welcome To The Department Of Nuclear Medicine is the long awaited Debut Album from House Of Dolls. Opener Murder Machine almost dares us to keep listening – no messing around, its straight to it. Those who get captured from the beginning and leave the stereo on play will have their ears graced with “Into The Void” and those who are familiar with House Of Dolls will hear a reminiscent of “Cheap Imitations” an earlier outstanding song by the band…

Track 5 “Prostitutes” is definetly one for the rock’n’roll head banging hall of fame, played live will blow the socks right off  those music lovers of the physchedelic rock genre.. a category the lads more than fill and then some!! Thumping bass lines and rocking guitar riffs ga’lore with a haunting vocal echo proves to be one of the guys preferred live tracks to play.

But personally for me the magic happens especially in track 8 “All I Need”… an anthem in its own right, stands amongst the best any Irish rock band has put out to date, since rock’n’roll hit this land!! Outstanding drum beats that pound your ears with orgasms and leave you begging for more. Crossing between BRMC/Joy Division but offering so much more, I cant reference that something more to anything so I guess it must be that new House Of Dolls sound everyones talking about right ??

And if that wasnt enough for you they move it straight onto “Ills” for track 9 which was the show stopper at the albums launch night in The Workmans Club on the 17th Feb 2012.

Tracks 10,11 and 12 which close the album off  are “No Excuses, American Dream and Lovers & Clowns” . “No Excuses” being another one of my favorites on the album that bends, distorts and soars its way into being a high point of this glorious album.

Final word on this album, show and band is that they truely have that special something that leads a band into the mind and heart of rock’n’roll rememberence!! I highly recommend scrapping those pennys together and treating yourself to this album and a show by these lads!!

“The mixture of hypnotic guitars, mesmeric drums, bruising basslines and life affirming lyrics. This is House Of Dolls. This is everything. This is life and death.”

Check them out here:



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